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20 July 2006 @ 04:28 pm
As some of you may know most of us Odonadae have been extremely busy with material matters. Nearly all of us are looking for jobs, one of us is moving, and the rest of us are also busy fixing up the house we live in. With that said we have decided to take a sabbatical from the show for a couple of weeks.

We have known for a while that the show needs a new direction and format and we simply cannot work on that right now with all of the other pressing issues and we do not want to do a half assed show. And you would not want that either.

We do not know when we will be back on live but it should not be that long. Stay tuned here for updates and we will try to throw you some stuff via this community to keep you interested.

Now since we are reformatting the show how about some suggestions? What would you like to hear? Have any ideas?
11 July 2006 @ 05:46 pm
Well, well, well....droogie woogs.

It pains me to inform you all that the DFL have all agreed that their will be no new show this thursday.

The good news is that we are doing this because we are going to reformat the show. After almost two months of seeing what works and what doesn't for both the audience and ourselves we have decided to go into some different directions, and try some different experiments.

We should have a new show next week, we will keep you posted.
08 July 2006 @ 01:43 am
BLACK MAGIC show for 7/6

Depeche Mode "Black Celebration"
Siouxie and The Banshees "Spellbound"
TSOL "Black Magic"
Tangerine Dream "Darkness"
Hanzel Und Gretyl "Overture"
Hanzel Und Gretyl "Third Reich from the sun"
Laibach "The Great Seal"
Assemblage 23 "Divide"
Electric Hellfire Club "Satan's Little Helpers"
Ministry "Golden Dawn"
Throbbiing Gristle "six six sixties"
Draco and The Malfoys "Voldemort is awesome"
Daisy Chainsaw "Love your money"
Oingo Boingo "No one lives forever"
Jocelyn Pook "Masked Ball"
E Nomine "Zorn-Die 12 Verbotenen Töne"
Skinny Puppy "Worlock"
Army of Lovers "Blood in the chapel"
Duran Duran "union of the snake"
Chicago ST "Razzle Dazzle"
Madonna "Material Girl"
The Blasters "Dark Night"
Danzig "How the Gods Kill"
Project Pitchfork "I am (a thought in slowmotion)"
Marilyn Manson "The reflecting god"
Einsturzende Neubauten "steele brennt"
Dead Can Dance "echolalia"
Dead Can Dance "mothertongue"
Coil "ostia(the death of Pasolini)"
Ethyl Meatplow "Devil's Johnson"
Cubanate "Lord of the Flies"
Interlace "Your Master"
Kansas "Lightning Hand"
Bauhaus "party of the first part"
PIL "Order of Death"
Blue Oyster Cult "Don't fear the reaper"
Razed in Black "Hells Bells"
VNV Nation "Frika"
Prodigy "Voodoo people"
Numb "Curse"
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult "Burnin Dirt"
Legendary Pink Dots "Hellsville"
Apoptygma Berzerk "Burnin Heretic"
David Bowie "LAW(earthlings on fire)"
The Misfits "horror business"
Black Sabbath "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"
The Swans "Beautiful child"
Nick Cave "Red Right Hand"
Robert Johnson "The Devil and me blues"
Urban Dance Squad "The Devil"
Swollen Members "Lady Venom"
Foetus Inc. "Diabolus in Musica"
Die My Darling "Sleep"
NIN "Burn"
Current 93 "The descent of long satan and babylon"

those who stayed late know the deal with what happened and what songs were cut off.

BTW, the show itself I mostly consider to be a dismal failure, while personally it was a great success. At least for me. As in, it achieved the desired emotional and psychological effect; invocation and communication with The Shadow archetype.
02 July 2006 @ 06:55 pm
As you've all probably heard this week we are doing a show based around "Black Magick".

I'm assuming that most of you are somewhat familiar with the subject. But I'd like to invite more discussion for this show. None of the Odonatae are claiming to be experts on this subject but we would like to hear from you all. What is your opinion on the subject? Does it relate to your life? Are you a practitioner? What are your experiences with it? Are you for or against? Is it a crock? What is the relation(if any) between the Dark and Light Paths?

Save your questions and comments for the show.

you can send us your questions and comments at any point leading up to and during the show at odonataradio@gmail.com or live on the air via IM we are user=Odonataradio.

we will not use any of your real names or email addresses on the air.

PS I'm going to try and get the set lists for the past two shows up on the community this week.
28 June 2006 @ 06:04 pm
Pending the fact that my computer is still working, Odonata Radio will be broadcasting from the Byrdhaus at 10pm EST this Thursday, as usual. courier5 is directing this week's show, so you're in for something interesting. Come one, come all.
20 June 2006 @ 12:34 pm
So there's a show this Thursday, 6/22 at 10pm EST, with a two hour birthday tribute block to wiseupsucker and his merry brood. Pour yourself a martini (shaken, not stirred) and be there!
13 June 2006 @ 05:41 pm
Its definately worth mentioning again that if any of you still have any questions for 'Rothy, our celebrated birthday boy from our June 1st show, who also graced us with his presence on the June 8th broadcast, email him at OdonataRadio@gmail.com and just be careful not to bore him.
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12 June 2006 @ 03:40 pm

Their will be no show this week :(

Due to the following issues;

courier5s computer, which we use to broadcast from, imploded recently. It seems to be the processor so we should be back up and running next week. We should be able to provide last weeks set list than as well.

Also, one of our staff, fourish is taking a trip to NJ to visit some friends.

So we will see you next Thursday at 10 pm EST
08 June 2006 @ 01:49 pm
Tune in at 10pm EST (follow the link on the info page). Hope to see some of you there.